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Frequently Asked Questions

We are Indigeners: digital indigenous experts in quality content distribution. We connect brands with digital media around the world and implement customized link building and content marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our growing network of publishers and native content creators, we offer you a wide range of digital media to publish quality content with a backlink in any country you need.

On the Indigeners platform, you can buy publications of posts with a backlink on digital media from any country you need. We put our extensive database at your disposal to allow you to choose the sites that best suit your strategies and facilitate the process.

You will also be able to follow the progress of your orders, be aware of new acquisitions and offers, contact us directly, and request the inclusion of new media in our platform, among other features.

The publication of relevant articles is not only the foundation of good link building. It is also a source of traffic and visibility that will benefit both your positioning and your branding. With our platform, you can implement effective content marketing and SEO strategies through link building, as well as boosting your website’s rankings with quality backlinks in any country you need.

In the whole process, you will have our network of digital natives at your service, who will make possible the releasing of your content around the world.

Before opening a new account, applications always go through a validation process where one of our digital indigenous examines the request and contacts the customer.

This is because we align ourselves with the objectives of our clients, and we always make sure that we offer the best exclusive, personalized service to those who finally access our platform.

Of course. All our links are safe. In fact, the posting of backlinks in quality texts published on real digital media is one of the most secure SEO White Hat practices for link building.

Among our contacts, we have hundreds of native content creators –digital indigenous people like us who are in charge of writing the articles. Our native creators are aware of the most advanced techniques to optimize content for search engines and user preferences alike. In addition, they know how to elaborate the best posts so that they are perfectly integrated into the requested website while meeting the order requirements.

In some cases, and if its required due to their internal policy, the media themselves may assume the writing of the articles, basing them on the order specifications.

All the articles you order will be perfectly optimized for SEO. All of them will deal with the subject matter you specify, be at least 500 words long –unless the media establishes a higher minimal length, and contain a backlink to the URL you request.

In addition, each post will be adapted to the specific requirements of the website where it will be published. This way, the article will integrate into it naturally.

Yes, more than one backlink can be included in the same content if requested in the order, although this may increase the cost.

It takes between 7 and 10 days to publish the posts requested.

The content and backlink will be online for at least one year guaranteed. Consequently, the media will never delete it before the stipulated time.

If at any given time a website deleted a post before the expiration date, we will manage to relocate the content, or another timely solution, as soon as possible.

Of course. You will have all your data and reports available so that you are able to keep track of your campaigns. Our digital indigenous will have them ready for you to consult them whenever you want.so that

Sure! Every time you need to see the posts before releasing them, all you have to do is specify it in your order, in the comments section. In this way, you will be able to oversee them without any problem.

In case you need to modify a post once it has been released, you can ask for the changes you require, and we will do our best to manage it.

Although there is usually no problem with this, we recommend sending your orders as complete as possible. Thus, the writer will have all the information, and the article will meet all your expectations before being published.

To facilitate the purchase process, you have at your disposal a wallet where you can add balance in any currency. By using it, you can get the number of credits you need to make your purchases from the platform and pay for the articles you request quickly and easily.

The main available payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal. With these forms of payment, you can add balance in any currency to obtain a certain number of credits and use them to purchase content directly from the platform.

The main available payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal. With these forms of payment, you can add balance in any currency to obtain a certain number of credits and use them to purchase content directly from the platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Let us know what you need through our Contact section, and one of our digital indigenous will answer you as soon as possible.

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